As Medicare Advantage plans already know, many factors go into building a robust CMS-compliant network. One focal point should be strong provider relationships. ĤƵ is committed to cultivating long-lasting relationships with healthcare professionals, offices, facilities and systems. Here’s why these partnerships matter:

  • Strong relationships don’t happen overnight. We’ve been committed to building provider relationships for 40 years. Our experience, combined with the ability to evolve in a fluctuating healthcare landscape, helps ensure we’re always bringing value to our provider relationships. Then providers bring value to the network.
  • A plan is never starting from scratch. We have contracts with more than one million providers. We begin with these practitioners when helping to build, supplement or expand a network.
  • Contracted providers can help a network go to market faster: By leveraging contracted providers, we can secure contracts quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, so your plan can get to market faster.
  • Providers know ĤƵ. Because so many providers already work with us, they know how we work. They also know they have broader access to health care programs, giving them the incentive to participate in a network.
  • ĤƵ knows providers. Just like providers know us, we know our participating practitioners. Our 130 network development professionals understand what providers want. They’re able to convey the benefits of participating in a network.
  • Contracted providers are in a better position to meet network requirements. Our contracted providers have credentials using guidelines that are prepared in consideration of the NCQA CR Standards and guidelines. They may already be compliant with Medicare Advantage requirements or may only need to amend their contracts.

A commitment to strong provider relationships is just one aspect of ĤƵ’s Network-Based ĤƵ for Medicare Advantage Plans. To learn more, read this white paper.