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Maximize savings and recoveries for accident-related claims

Improve your subrogation recoveries

In today’s healthcare system, subrogation plays a critical role in ensuring payment integrity. Whether the cause is an accident or serious illness, health plans stand to lose millions paying claims when a third-party payor is responsible. However, many health plans lack the tools and resources to identify and pursue recovery opportunities for high-cost, complex claims.

As your subrogation partner, ĤƵ offers deep subrogation expertise, advanced technologies, and a data-driven approach—all with proven results you can trust. With analytics and alternative investigation methods, we find more recovery opportunities, validate more cases, and reduce member contact, ultimately maximizing recoveries for your health plan.

The latest in Subrogation

Case study

ĤƵ’s Subrogation solution delivers millions in recoveries for healthcare clients

Whether used as an outsourced service or in-house technology model, our Subrogation solution has a proven track record of delivering measurable results for health plans. This case study showcases the millions of dollars our clients added to their bottom line as a result of our services.

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Our flexible delivery model is supported by web-based applications that help streamline the subrogation process according to your needs while offering the transparency you expect.

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Legal and recovery teams are highly skilled in subrogation techniques and negotiation tactics—working tirelessly to recoup money on your behalf.

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Sophisticated processes and procedures supported by technology and experience drive consistent results and superior quality audit scores.

Better results from case identification through recovery

Improved case identification

Data analytics, machine learning, and rules-based analysis help identify and validate subrogation cases. We continuously refine our case identification methodology and determine the most effective validation methods, ultimately reducing false positives and increasing yield.

Collaboration with our clients

As we work to identify the full scope of recovery opportunities for your health plan, complement data analysis and machine learning with the expertise of key technology and information partners. This collaboration powers improved results in mass torts, product liabilities, and medical practice claims.

Positive member experience

Creating a positive member experience is key to your overall success. We combine data, technology, people, and processes to uncover opportunities while making member outreach as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.

Unmatched transparency

Our case management system provides 24/7 ability to track cases and outcomes, with auditability and accountability. Delivery model includes insights into: activity history, planned activity (case diary), phone calls, letters and notes.

From our dedicated legal and recovery team and experienced call center staff to our proprietary technology and software, our Subrogation solution delivers better results while preserving your member relationships.

Your Subrogation partner

Recover and restore value to get the revenue you deserve and make healthcare more affordable.

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Avoid paying claims that are the responsibility of another party

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Improve case identification and
validation methods

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Add millions to your bottom line through our Subrogation recovery efforts

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