Company’s PlanOptixTM and BenInsightsTM solutions recognized for reducing healthcare costs 

NEW YORK, NY – June 26, 2024ĤƵ (NYSE: MPLN) (“ĤƵ” or the “Company”), a leading value-added provider of data analytics and technology-enabled end-to-end cost management, as well as payment and revenue integrity solutions to the U.S. healthcare industry, today announced it has been selected as the Gold award winner in the “Achievement in Data and Analytics” category of the 9th annual for American Business.

ĤƵ’s PlanOptixTM and BenInsightsTM solutions were selected for their impact on driving excess costs and overpayments out of the healthcare system. We believe this award is a testament to how our data-driven services are improving price transparency, reining in healthcare costs, increasing accessibility, and delivering effective customized healthcare cost management programs. 

“ĤƵ is dedicated to bending the cost curve in healthcare and we’re honored to be recognized by the Globee® Awards for the work we’re doing to address this industry challenge,” said Travis Dalton, President and CEO of ĤƵ. “We’re guided by the belief that the best way to improve patient health outcomes is to drive optimal benefit plan design and reduce the total cost of care, and our award-winning solutions like PlanOptixTM and BenInsightsTM are a testament to that.” 

The Globee® Awards for American Business is a prestigious award program recognizing outstanding achievements and commitments to excellence and innovation across various categories in American business. Known for celebrating outstanding achievements across various sectors, this awards program has recognized ĤƵ for its significant contributions and dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. ĤƵ was selected from a highly competitive pool of entries, highlighting its dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering exceptional value to the healthcare industry. 

To learn more about PlanOptixTM and BenInsightsTM, visit: /data-decision-science-services/ 

About ĤƵ 

ĤƵ is committed to bending the cost curve in healthcare by delivering transparency, fairness, and affordability to the US healthcare system. Our focus is on identifying medical savings, helping to lower out-of-pocket costs, and reducing or eliminating balance billing for healthcare consumers. Leveraging sophisticated technology, data analytics, and a team rich with industry experience, ĤƵ interprets clients’ needs and customizes innovative solutions that combine its payment and revenue integrity, network-based, data and decision science, and analytics-based services. ĤƵ delivers value to more than 700 healthcare payors, over 100,000 employers, 60 million consumers, and 1.4 million contracted providers. For more information, visit . &Բ;

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