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Illuminating Healthcare
Price Transparency Data

Plug into consolidated, streamlined market intelligence that will help you work smarter

Transforming Data into Usable Information

What is price transparency in healthcare?

When it comes to price transparency in healthcare, PlanOptix leads the way. The Transparency in Coverage and Hospital Price Transparency rules mandating that health plans and hospitals publish pricing data has pooled more than 500 billion records. This has created a dense web of inconsistent, and sometimes inaccurate, information. PlanOptix, ĤƵ’s revolutionary healthcare price transparency data solution, sheds light on this raw data—transforming it into usable information to give you great insights you can act on.

Powering Inspiration so You Can Work Smarter

We’ve leveraged ĤƵ’s decades of industry experience and proprietary demographic and affiliate data on 1.4 million contracted providers to enrich the publicly available healthcare price transparency data. This consolidated information, presented in a useful context, is strategically packaged to enable side-by-side network and rate comparisons. You can search and extract the data you want for streamlined analysis. The resulting insights can help you make data-driven decisions with confidence.

How can our healthcare price transparency tool help you?

Healthcare price transparency data from PlanOptix offers a diverse range of capabilities for several key players.

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Healthcare Brokers

Compare networks, contract rates and health payors to select the ideal health plans and networks for your clients.

Healthcare Payors
and Carriers

Compare other health payors’ specific provider contracted rates for streamlined analysis.


Compare networks and health payors to inform plan design and optimize healthcare benefits for your employees.

Leading You to Success

PlanOptix can help clarify your vision for success like never before. The innovative technology and deep expertise embedded in the platform can lead you to better business outcomes. You can use it to facilitate tasks from auditing and researching claims to analyzing deeper data around network performance. However you choose to leverage PlanOptix, you’ll make better data-driven decisions to sharpen your competitive edge.

Revolutionizing the Healthcare Data Landscape

Contributing to the creation of a transparent, patient-centric healthcare ecosystem, PlanOptix empowers stakeholders to drive down costs and enhance the quality of care. With this tool, ĤƵ lights the way through the complex healthcare and medical price transparency data landscape, positioning us to revolutionize healthcare analytics.

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